Empowering the Next Generation Through Scientific Research

Prof. Akono was awarded the 2016 New Faces of Civil Engineering distinction from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The recognition features the next generation of civil engineering leaders and was awarded “for outstanding contributions and extraordinary personal achievements that represent the bold and humanitarian future of civil engineering”. Prof. Akono’s mission is to inspire the next generations of leaders through scientific research.

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I-STEM Multi-Disciplinary Summer Camp

In the late summer 2017, we joined forces with the Illinois STEM Education Initiative and hosted a nanomechanics outreach workshop. The event featured fun nanoscience-focused activities to teach and inspire high school students about civil engineering and strength of materials.

Our work is featured on the I-STEM webpage: civil engineering, summer camp 2017.

Engineering Nanomechanics Field Trip

On 2016 MLK day, a group of high school students from Intrinsic Schools, Chicago, IL, visited our lab. Via fun activities, they learned about nanomechanics, materials and structures, and civil engineering.

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